We are the sole authorized distributor of Luminous and Emmvee Solar Solutions; these key activities of the company are carried in Kenya and the wider East Africa with a long term focus to spread to the rest of Africa and internationally.

12 Units
Duplex Flats at 1st Avenue Parklands for Status Investments- Mr Kurji water heating
84 Units
Water heating for Massionettes at Mavoko Wimbimbi City for Institute of Infrastructure Development. Engineers Loadline Engineering
3 Units
Solar water heating for houses at Willmary Estate Thika Rd – Mr Reuben
4 Units
Solar water heating for houses for Mrs.Margaret Wanjiru at Thika Golf Club
1 Units
Solar water heating Loresho House for Dr Koinange
10 Units
Solar water heating, solar street lighting, solar borehole pump for Massionettes for muhugu gardens at Karen- Kerarapon Road Architect- Dimensions, Engineers Servconsult

OUR Brands

We have a wide variety of brands in different capacities and sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Solar Street Lighting

Solar street light solutions include

  • ◘ Garden lights
  • ◘ Compound lights
  • ◘ Domestic and public street lights
  • ◘ Floodlights
Lighting Components stocked include;

 ◘ Integrated lights

 ◘  Panels

 ◘ Batteries

 ◘ Charge controllers

 ◘ Inverters

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters solutions include

  • ◘ Thermo-siphon Systems. These systems heat water or an antifreeze fluid, such as glycol. …
  • ◘ Direct-Circulation Systems. These systems pump water from storage to collectors during sunny hours. …
  • ◘ Drain-Down Systems. …
  • ◘ Indirect WaterHeating Systems. …
  • ◘ Air Systems
Solar Heating  Components stocked include;

◘ Solar collectors :convert sunlight to heat energy. …

◘  Heat transfer fluids: carry the heat from solar collectors to water storage tanks. …

◘  Heat exchangers: transfer solar heat from the transfer fluid to the home water supply. …

-Storage tanks store hot water when it is not in use.

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photovoltaic-1306024_1920 Carol David

 Photovoltaic (PV) systems comprise of Solar Panels (Mono-crystalline, Polycrystalline), Charge controller, Batteries (Solar Gel, Sealed lead & Deep cycled) and an Inverter.

IMG-20200519-WA0025 IMG-20200519-WA0027

An Inverter Charger based Power Backup System incorporates essentially an Inverter Charger, Batteries, Cables and accessories. 1


Flat type solar energy collector has a metal panel structure, high thermal efficiency, hot water production volume, withstand pressure, withstand sunlight.

headlights-2061730_1920 solar-panel-2055740_1920

Without access to electricity, nearly 1.6 billion people representing 30% of the world’s population do not have reliable outdoor lighting