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Denmar Solar Systems is a Limited Company that was established with an intention of importing and distributing, installation of solar water heating, solar lighting and solar power back-up system.



Denmar Solar Systems Limited is the sole authorized distributor of Luminous and Emmvee Solar Solutions; these key activities of the company are carried in Kenya and the wider East Africa with a long term focus to spread to the rest of Africa and internationally.




We believe in the sustainability of renewable energy as a macro trend of business matters. Over the last few decades renewable energies have grown out of the incubation phase and have emerged as an economically viable, ecologically superior, secure clean method and safe source of energy. We recognize that solar power is emerging as a mainstay power supply technology and will contribute significantly to the future energy mix all over the world. We are fully committed to contribute to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the globe.


Delivery and installation of quality Solar Systems that enable our clients to access efficient, reliable and transforming green energy, using technologically advanced components in accordance with set regulations.

our profession

Our Company comprises of a team professional Mechanical Engineers, Electrical engineers, electrical technicians, plumbers and finance staff with a wealth of experience and expertise in the core areas of operation. Most of our staffs have a long standing and vast experience in carrying out major tasks in the respective areas of jurisdiction. Denmar Solar Systems Ltd is committed to enhancement of human resource training to keep abreast with latest technology thus enhancing quality of work undertaken. To enhance safety in line with the government strict policy the company is taking staff through OSHA training.

How we do it

We’re able to offset expensive electricity prices because our solar panels produce energy much more efficiently than traditional utilities. You save money by paying for power at a rate that’s lower than what your utility can provide